Hit-and-Run DUI Lawyer Miami

In cases where a strike-and-run driver is involved, seeking experienced legal representation can be a lot more significant. Sometimes, a claim could be submitted against an at fault driver’s assets, or against other insurance plans in effect in the home. In other instances, a claim may be filed against your own insurance carrier or other at-fault events might be recognized.

One study identified an average of over 100 motorists a month are killed in hit and run injuries. And more than half of those were pedestrians. In reality, as many as 1 in 5 pedestrian accidents that are deadly involves a strike-and-run motorist.  In the case that the hit and run was initiated by a drunk driver in Miami, there are Miami DUI lawyers that you can speak with about the incident.

Most typical reasons motorist leave the scene contain:

  • Motorist was impaired, drowsy or distracted.
  • Motorist was unlicensed, un-insured, or suspended, revoked.
  • Driver was an illegal-immigrant or outstanding wants or warrants or had or else lacked legal status.
  • Self-preservation.
  • Street racing, stolen vehicle.
  • Aggressive driving.
  • Indecision.

Given today’s forensic technology and the prevalence of surveillance cameras and cellphones, fleeing motorists tend to be identified. In such cases, justice will will need equally civil and criminal prosecution.

The judge may also order restitution. However, this shouldn’t be mistaken with a civil ruling you might pursue individually.

Too frequently, a restitution order will not satisfy. Pursuing a concurrent civil case is the best choice when seeking restitution for pain and suffering, lost wages, medical bills, property damage as well as other claims.